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[ Yiwu Huaxi Forest Park ]

Yiwu Huaxi Forest Park is located in the northeastern part of Yiwu, 23 town, located in the foothills of Mount Mountains Wu rock valleys and streams and more pleasant climate, natural landscape shapes 1998 by the Provincial Forestry Department named the provincial forest park, with a total area of 22 square kilometers. Forest Park at the north of the subtropical evergreen broadleaf forest zone, is a typical evergreen broadleaf forest region. Park of forest lush, beautiful environment, a number of cultural monuments, its good ecological environment is the Provincial Forestry Department named the first batch of "Key Ecological Forest Demonstration Area."

[ Yiwu temple town ]

Temple town has a long history, profound culture, known as the Millennium town, commercial port breeze, Buddhist shrine. Buddhism temple named because, according to legend 1500 years ago, Liang Zhaonan generation Bodhidharma came here, met Yiwu River flooding, many people were trapped flood scenarios is extremely critical, seeing Dharma, then included in the hands of Bao Qing into the river, into the ferry and rescued all the people. To commemorate, the cast chime built at the crossing raised chime Temple. Dharma in this set have passed Zen temple preaching, later in the Temple Pillars engraved with "Buddha color pass through generations, according to church candle brilliance Plus" in possession of the first couplet, so here it is called "Buddha Church ", due to the formation of exuberant temple incense market, crossing the Qing Temple also called the" ancient temple. "

[ Yiwu Desheng rock ]

Ruby Rock is located north of the city of Yiwu home after the street, because the mountain thick stack of thick, also known as rock. Yiwu Chouzhou ancient name, that name here, fused rock altitude 381.7 meters. Rock is not high, but Gordon rock overlooking the endless mountains, the scenery is spectacular and is a good place to take a spot in ages. Ruby is not known for its rock scene, but because it is the beginning of Yiwu, Yiwu is the symbol of the spirit, every Chung Yeung Festival, within a radius of hundred miles Yiwu always think boarded fused rock look, not only only to climb, it is possible because a road endless thoughts tell.

[ Yiwu Riverside Theme Park ]

Yiwu Riverside theme park located opposite the hotel, 50 meters walk. In 2006 basically completed the construction of fishing from Rocky Road to the north of the city's 13 parks, covering an area of 1,665,300 square meters, the park along the river from west to east, followed by fishing south of Rocky park, silver warm grass park shore, Hornsey newspaper Spring Garden Ukrainian more seeds Park Ji water Spring, cherry Park palm Island grass, Sports Center Park; Jiangbei followed Choujiang street construction Riverside pergola, Yiwu parks, commercial and cultural park, bird world park, sports recreation parks and river Bin theme park. Each park has its own character is a good place for public recreation, but also the most beautiful Yiwu landscape.

[ Yiwu Xiuhu Park ]

Yiwu Xiuhu Park, 1.5 km from the hotel, 15 minutes' walk. Jiangnan style garden is mainly large open public green space. Architectural form light its performance history and the essence of the spirit of cornices and other details, and east of the public square of hard green space contrasts, side by side, co-exist in harmony, reflecting the city's historical continuity and the reality of integration, conservation and sustainable development of pioneering phase harmonic ; show the city and the humane features of high-quality green landscape in the public service.

Inherited Historical Context - Daan Temple was built in the Song Dynasty, inherited Daan Temple and Xiuhu Historical Context; while remaining on the west side of the Temple Daan water Xiuhu Situation moderate widening eastward expansion of the south tower to the front, forming Taying sky; combining historical County is written "Xiuhu Eight", Stones treated water, in a concentrated space has reproduced and explained annihilation "Xiuhu Eight" mood: smoke Temple Xiao Zhong, pine shoot sangrakwol, Station House Night photos, bridge painting department horses, boats Liuzhou, Dutch swing scared gull, Red Cloud flower Island, Lake Pavilion fish market, so Xiuhu newborn vitality.