Catering and entertainment

Specialty Restaurant

Prime steaks, fresh seafood, and seasonal ingredients selected by our chefs cooking live, sweet aftertaste sushi soft entrance, open your discerning taste buds. Accompanied by heavy fragrance of wine will make your dining experience complete. Located five, personalized personalized service, to be added to the romance, your ultimate dining experience. Grill at special dining needs open, sweeping views of the river Yiwu, the team provide the ideal private dining space, you need to be booked in advance

Hours: 00: 00-24: 00

Western Restaurant

The hotel's full-time restaurant, located on the 5th floor with an area of 415 square meters and128seats, Let vitality breakfast for you to open a good day, Asian cuisine, western style barbecue and fresh seafood in the relaxed atmosphere of self-service restaurant, you taste. This full of fun, comfortable environment of the full time dining interactive cooking table, the daily supply of early, middle and late meals.

Opening Hours:07: 00-21: 00

Banquet Hall

Itlocates on the 3rd floor, with an area of 1066 square meters, which could accommodate 500 people for dinner, hence suitable for many kinds of wedding and meetings. Our professional banquet consultants will make sure to take care of every detail to design your satisfactory wedding or meeting according to your special requirements.

Opening Hours: Lunch10:30--14: 00, dinner 17:00-20: 30

Chinese restaurant

Itlocates on the 3rdfloor, with an area of 900 square meters, having 88 seats, 11balconies, including two VIP rooms that could accommodate 20 people. There is well-made Zhejiang food, which is famous for being gentle and delicate, just like the southern china women. The style of the restaurant is restful, providing a peaceful atmosphere for you to enjoying the ancient "Wu injury" delicacies.

Opening Hours: Lunch10:30--14: 00; Dinner 17:00-20: 30

Lunch box

Business Location: third floor --- lunch boxes are a total of 11 (honesty, virtue, talent, wisdom, Ya, Song, benevolence, Qian, music, and, courtesy).

Wherein ceremony Xuan, Cheng Xuan is the biggest lunch box

Number of seats: 130

Business theme: the high price of the new Hunan-based, supplemented by fine Cantonese,high-end hospitality and service usually zero,high-grade abalone, ginseng, shark fin and seafood and freshwater fishes and other top dishes

Hours: 11: 00-14: 00 17: 00-20: 30

Executive Lounge

Provide quality breakfast for floor guests.

Provide standard drinks for floor guests.

Provide exquisite pastry and a variety of snacks for Floor guests, wine, cocktails and drinks.

provide a variety of high-quality coffee and tea, tea for the British health floor guests.

The executive lounge management policy is to provide leisure party floor for business guests places.

Opening Hours:07: 00-22: 00